Tony BlairJAMES FREEDMAN has built an unrivalled reputation as a stage pickpocket. He has appeared on many TV shows and has performed live for royalty, heads-of-state and celebrities worldwide, earning the title 'The Man of Steal'

A gold star member of the exclusive Magic Circle, a sleight of hand expert and an authority on conmen and pickpockets, James lectures to police and security staff and has even advised the Metropolitan Police at New Scotland Yard how to identify real street pickpockets.

James has been a specialist advisor on numerous movies and TV shows and has coached actors including Robert Vaughn, Edward Norton and Sir Ben Kingsley in magic and pickpocket skills. Feature films include:

• The Brothers Bloom (2008) - Consultant and trainer to Rachel Weisz
• Hustle (BBC TV) - Gambling and pickpocket consultant
• The Illusionist (2006) - Consultant and trainer to Edward Norton
• Oliver Twist (2005) - Pickpocket trainer. Consultant to Roman Polanski

With such an unusual talent, it's no surprise that James' hands have been insured for £1million!